A Chat With CHERRY POP’s Miguel Sagaz

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"A Chat With CHERRY POP’s Miguel Sagaz"
CHERRY POP | 9 2017 Wolfe/Supersonix Media

Premiring tonight at NYC’s NewFest, directed by Assaad Yacoub, CHERRY POP follows one night in the life of a failing drag bar and its colorful performers—from the backstage backstabbing to the onstage antics. When a newcomer (Lars Berge) arrives for his first night performing, he struggles to find his place amidst the raucous regulars, the vicious clique of performers, and one legendary queen coming to terms with life after her last night in drag. The film also stars Caldwell Tidicue (Bob The Drag Queen), Detox, Latrice Royale and Tempest Dujour.

Interview/Written by: Jesus Figueroa

Drag queen comedy “Cherry Pop” Stars Miguel Sagaz, an actor who has never done a drag queen performance but worked diligently to play the role right.

The film has many “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alumni, who are no strangers to the drag queen lifestyle, but Sagaz brings a fresh approach to the role since he had to learn it all for the role.

“It scared me at the beginning because I had never done drag before,” Sagaz said. “I stepped onto a set where alot of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ actors and competitors were part of the film.”

The drag queens on set helped Sagaz feel comfortable with his character and getting lifestyle correct. He took on the challenge as an actor and was determined, even if on a personal level Sagaz said he was nervous.

Coming from a background as a journalist and actor, “Cherry Pop” wasn’t really a role Sagaz auditioned for. The role wasn’t something he expected to get. He started off just helping at a table read.

“It was interesting because I was called in to help out at a table read. A table read happens when all the actors have been cast for a film,” Sagaz said. “They needed an actor that could speak some Spanish and they called me in so I could just help to read the script.”

Miguel Sagaz stars as “Choriza” in CHERRY POP | © 2017 Wolfe/Supersonix Media

Sagaz believed the role already belonged to another actor from New York. So he just read the part and did what he needed to help out.

A Puerto Rican drag queen was created by Sagaz as he read at the table read.

“Three months later they called me and said they wanted to offer me the role,” Sagaz said.

From there on Sagaz worked diligently to make sure that he would be excited to see on the big screen.

Now with the premiere of “Cherry Pop” in New York at NewFest, as part of NYC Pride, Sagaz look forward to having a New York audience see the film and to hear the reaction from the audience to the film.

The west coast premiere at Outfest will also give Sagaz an opportunity for his hometown audience to see the film.

Sagaz wanted to do justice to a character which was challenging. He wanted drag queens see this and connect.

“Even though it’s a light comedy of the drama that happens behind this drag queen club, I really got to not only dig deep into the lives of men that do drag, but the underlying layers that being part of this community represents – all the struggles these people go through and the way they use comedy to speak out for social and political issues,” Sagaz said.

With a good run in the film festival circuit, Sagaz hopes that “Cherry Pop” gets picked up as a TV series to continue to explore his character Choriza.

For now, those interested in attending a screening can head out to one of the screenings scheduled.

“Cherry Pop” will premiere in New York on June 19 at NewFest.

The San Francisco premiere of CHERRY POP on July 11 will take place at the legendary Castro Theater.

A Los Angeles screening will be had at Outfest on July 10.

“Cherry Pop” will also be available on video on demand in the Fall.


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