ESPADA HERRERA: Big Things Have Small Beginnings

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"ESPADA HERRERA: Big Things Have Small Beginnings"

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Girl Power!

Corriente Nation, in this day-and-age where biases still exist, I think progressiveness seems to be peaking. With a diverse history of various artists making their names known via solid work, Hollywood has no choice but to acknowledge those who seem to be spicing up the scenery. Like it or not, want it or not, there’s a force to be reckoned with known as Latinos!

Showing up in droves within many entertainment-based outlets, the art of publicity seems to be having a broader scope among us, especially with the ladies. We’ve seen and heard them all from a different angle. You name it: Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Rodriguez, Camron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Genesis Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson (yes, she’s Latina!) etc. have made their mark in one way, shape, or form. Their resumes speak volumes and there’s no stopping and/or knocking their hustle.

But let’s talk about those who help push their films and music and other entertainment-based projects. The people who are on the ball and make sure these starlets not only embark on a successful publicity tour, but able to obtain the very best from it. That’s a hustle-and-flow within itself. One that not many are aware of except for those on the inside. And as Latino Hollywood grows and grows, so do the people behind the curtain. The machine that keeps that hamster-wheel of glam glowing and growing.

Brenda Herrera and Jasmin Espada are two of Hollywood’s powerful Latinas everyone needs to know about. Having rendered many years in public relations, these two strong-willed ladies garnered enough knowledge about the business, it was inevitable they would branch out and command their own ship, today known as ESPADA, HERRERA & ASSOCIATES. As their ship sails among rough waters, they’ve been able to steer it in the right direction, keep control and enjoy the business’ “glitz-and-glamor.”

Big things have small beginnings. Made clear in a recent LA Times article titled “Our Diverse 100: Meet Brenda Herrera and Jasmin Espada, the publicists handling Latino outreach for major studios.” Informative, educational and inspirational, the future is so bright for Brenda and Jasmin, I recommend sun-block and shades ‘cause they’ll be steering that ship of theirs for quite some time. That said, I strongly recommend getting to know these unique, talented and vibrant ladies by clicking here.


“With a couple of decades of combined public relations experience under their belt, Herrera and Espada are two of the industry’s leading publicists. They serve as chief operating officer and president, respectively, of Espada, Herrera and Associates, an international PR company representing many of the top names in music, film and television. This Q&A is part of a special series examining diversity in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” – LA Times

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L to R: Publicists Publicist Brenda Herrera & Jasmin Espada | Photo Credit: Josue Peña

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