Latina Icons Photo Tribute Launches with star Rebecca Gitana Torres and Photog Linda Nieves-Powell

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"Latina Icons Photo Tribute Launches with star Rebecca Gitana Torres and Photog Linda Nieves-Powell"

Latina Icons Photo Tribute Launches with Frida Kahlo, Selena Quintanilla, Rita Moreno, Iris Chacon, Carmen Miranda & Maria Montez Honored by Photog Linda Nieves-Powell, stars Rebecca Gitana Torres


Renowned New York playwright and filmmaker Linda Nieves-Powell, announced the launch of the photo tribute series ‘Latina Icons’ today. The first installment stars TV producer, personality, and Home & Lifestyle Expert, Rebecca Gitana Torres(@Lifestyle_Remix), who served as Style Director (Makeup/Hair/Fashion stylist) and Model. The photo series is a reimagining of six diverse Latina entertainment mavens who greatly impacted American and Latin American culture. Under Linda’s direction and filmed during Hispanic Heritage Month at Rebecca’s New York studio, Dominican actress, María Montez, aka The Queen of Technicolor, megawatt Mexican icons, Frida Kahlo and Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, fellow trailblazing Puerto Rican powerhouses, Rita Moreno and Iris Chacon and the vibrant spirit of Brazilian bombshell and showgirl, Carmen Miranda were channeled. The shoot pays homage to their contributions as women of color and pioneers in the world of art and entertainment, while inspiring the hearts of modern feminists world-wide.

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