Midseason finale got you down? Progressive thriller “Blue Eel” is here to save the day!

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"Midseason finale got you down? Progressive thriller “Blue Eel” is here to save the day!"

Blue Eel by Lorne Dixon

Sad that your favorite horror/zombie shows are reaching their midseason finales? Never fear, Lorne Dixon is here! In his new book Blue Eel, horror aficionado Dixon explores progressive fiction in a thrilling, psychedelic world.

 Long suspected of guilt in his daughter’s disappearance, Branson Turaco’s life takes an abrupt turn when he learns that a lock of her hair has been found in a child predator’s home. He buys an unlicensed handgun, enlists the help of a disgraced filmmaker and a desperate intern, and heads out onto the open road. Clinging to the faint hope that his daughter might still be alive, Branson follows a twisted path into an unknown world of terror within a post-human drug cult.

 “Horror has never been more popular,” Dixon explains. “Soccer moms watch The Walking Dead, listen to Rob Zombie and buy tickets to see The Conjuring. The time is ripe for new voices, new ideas and new stories.”

 In this nail-biting thriller, Blue Eel explores:

 The impact of Absurdist media crime coverage, similar to the JonBenet Ramsey case: with so much rhetoric about the protagonists filling the public’s consciousness, could the truth ever really satisfy the audience?

  • Moral relativity and situational ethics when the things that matter most are on the line.

  • The changing relationship between storytellers and their readers, with a narrative that largely refuses to place value statements on the events described, leaving the readers responsible for their own interpretations.