Morrison Hotel Gallery in NYC Celebrates America’s Musical Roots Hip-Hop Exhibition

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"Morrison Hotel Gallery in NYC Celebrates America’s Musical Roots Hip-Hop Exhibition"

Morrison Hotel Gallery in NYC Celebrates America’s Musical Roots with The Beat A Blues, Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop Exhibition and Sale During February

The raw emotion of the blues. The interplay of the instruments in a lively jazz number. The contagious beat of hip hop and the raw wail of a soul singer. While these musical genres have their differences, they’re connected spiritually and historically – each one sharing the same American roots.
As a celebration of the truest American art form there is, Morrison Hotel Gallery is presenting The Beat, a photographic review of the blues, jazz, soul, and hip-hop artists who brought American music- from its powerful blues beginnings to the digital explorations of today – into people’s heads and hearts.
“The US is known for – beyond any other country – the origin and popularity of jazz, blues, soul and hip-hop. These are four styles of American music which all other music started from and they are American forms of music we continue to celebrate today. That is what this exhibit is all about – celebrating the music that started it all and is still as powerful and influential today as it was then,” says gallery co-owner Peter Blachley.
Beginning February 6th – during Black History Month – at the SoHo gallery (116 Prince St.), the exhibit will feature classic and never-before-seen photos from an array of incredibly talented photographers including Timothy White, Janette Beckman, David Gahr, Danny Clinch, Francis Wolff, Herman Leonard, Travis Shinn, Kelsey Bennett, Lawrence Watson, Jake Chessum and others. Their work with legends such as Muddy Waters, Miles Davis, Snoop Dogg, and Jay Z, to name only a few, captures generations of influential artists at work and at play. A rare look into the lives of the musicians that created the foundation of America’s musical history and its roots. The exhibit will be up through the month of February.
All of the images featured in The Beat are available for purchase at