Radio/TV personality and entrepreneur RaqC debuts historic collaboration with book “Lead with Success”

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"Radio/TV personality and entrepreneur RaqC debuts historic collaboration with book “Lead with Success”"


Lead with Success is a book written for the purpose to inspire others to persevere through their struggles and to keep fighting for their dreams. Our country will soon elect a new president and it seems like we are divided now more than ever before.

Most people think the decisions of the new president will improve or diminish their quality of life but in all reality this has been proven not to be the case. The thousands of decisions we make on a daily basis will either move you towards or away from your life goals and ambitions.

This book was written by 8 powerful Latina Influencers who united together and are dedicated to improving the quality of life in their communities. It is time for American Latinas and Latinos to unite together along with other ethnicities and take a stand for a better tomorrow for our children. This world is hungry for leadership and we want to do our part by sharing our stories in this book.

“When I got invited to collaborate on this book project I thought to myself ‘This is perfect! I love collaborating with women and I’ve always been able to see the importance and power in uplifting one another.’ So to me it was a no brainer. Life has always managed to put me in uncomfortable situations that have enabled me to grow. I like to credit my success to not being afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I hope you really learn something from the different stories you read in this book and realize that we all have unique powerful stories to share. Don’t be afraid to share your story, it may change someone’s life,” affirms RaqC.

About the authors of Lead With Success
Beginning on September 17th, Lead With Success will be available on & Barnes&