Top Model Latina 2016 wraps up Final Gala announcing winner!

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"Top Model Latina 2016 wraps up Final Gala announcing winner!"

Months of hard work and preparation all came to a close as Top Model Latina announced a winner!


Gabrielle Tamayo won the prestigious title through her hard work, perseverance, and of course, tremendous talent. While all the models were jaw-droppingly beautiful, Gabrielle stood out from the crowd and caught everyone’s attention. As the show at Espace came to an end, celebrities, supermodels and well known professionals from the fashion and entertainment industry left to go to the exclusive after-party at Cantina Rooftop. It was time for everyone to celebrate.

Top Model Latina is an annual competition showcasing prime Latina Models. With 18 beautiful Latina models representing an array of countries, such as Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Uruguay, just to name a few. TML hopes to enrich Latin culture by exposing the fashion industry to the Latino people. These models are also role models to the all women who follow their steps and also hope to succeed at what they do best. Many of the TML models have been able to work with high fashion brands including Vogue, Dior and Roberto Cavalli.

The Top Model Latina Final Gala Fashion Show began with everyone walking the red carpet. It was a full house once everyone settled in and 24 Horas launched the show with an outstanding performance. The models began walking the runway in their go-see looks, rocking a simple outfit of a black Top Model Latina tank top, jeans, and black heels. Hair and makeup was flawless as each model strutted down. Then a performance by Xavier White had the crowd going wild. Once the wrapped his 2 song performance, out came the models with the TML exclusive bathing suit line. Slicked-back hair and dewy makeup looks by Motives Cosmetics complimented the exquisite designs.

And as the final performance of the night, A&X came ready to party. Once everyone was pumped with energy, the models came out in gowns designed exclusively by Raul Peñaranda, jewelry by Charlie Lapson, and wearing the newest shoe line by Carlos Molina. Photographs were taken by the dozens capturing the stunning beauty of the models. Once the final girl walked backstage, it was up to the judges to deliberate and decide who would be the next Top Model Latina.

This year’s prestigious judges represented high talent in the fashion and entertainment industry. The five judges included Financial Manager, Entrepreneur and Partner of Emporia Entertainment, Jose Torres; Brazilian supermodel, Amanda Salvato; Fashion Designer, Raul Peñaranda; Director of Major Models Katia Sherman and last but not least, President of the judging panel Carolina Trejos of People En Español. Having the hard task of choosing the next Top Model Latina was filled with pressure, but after much deliberation their choice was perfect.

Once the models came back out for a final goodbye, Gabrielle Tamayo was handed her trophy and she graced the runway one last time. When the models went backstage, everyone got ready to get a few last pictures with these beauties. The show concluded with everyone making their way to Cantina Rooftop.

Overall, the show was a huge success! All the hard work put into this production definitely helped make it a night to remember. Be sure to be on the lookout next year for the beginning of Top Model Latina 2017!