GRAMMY-Award Winning, Standard-Defying Group Intocable To Headline Chicago’s Ruido Fest

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"GRAMMY-Award Winning, Standard-Defying Group Intocable To Headline Chicago’s Ruido Fest"

When a band is single-handedly associated with an entire genre, it’s hard to turn the other way. That is what Intocable is for Norteño- a name nearly interchangeable with the genre. The stand-out band will be headlining this year’s Ruido Fest in Chicago.

Just over the last year, the band has used its undeniable hold on the music industry for good, ripping their songs from the charts and putting them into the hands of those that need them most. “Music is the best medicine for the soul,” the band says.

On January 26, 2016, Intocable announced their partnership with St. Jude Hospital. Inspired by the work of the organization which focuses on the wellbeing of children with with cancer, the band pledged to contribute everything that was in their power to keep the organization thriving. Even before announcing their full-fledged support, the band made history by streaming a showcase in which more than 22K people tuned in, with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude.
In 2016, the band also took a landmark stride across the largest stage at SXSW, headlining the SXAmericas All Latino Showcase, which attracted more than 50,000 people over 3 days.
Intocable, though known for a relatively traditional style of music, continually finds ways to experiment with it and make it relevant. Their latest (and 19th!) album ‘Highway’ is a reflective look at the band’s 3-decade-long journey. For this album, the band stuck with the team they’ve been using since 1994, demonstrating their loyalty, and also offering an updated sound.
The band recently put out a tear-jerker of a new video for the song ‘Día 730’ – which features mothers whose children have disappeared.

Intocable’s decade-spanning career has put them at the forefront at the industry, while relentlessly defying industry standards. Their unique combination of Tejano, Norteño, pop and rock has earned them chat-topping hits, headlining spots on some of the world’s most renowned stages such as the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City and The Reliant Astrodome in Houston. They’ve won two GRAMMYs, have had seven Latin GRAMMY wins and multiple nods; as well as 13 Premios Lo Nuestro, many Latin Billboards and two Billboard Regional Mexican awards, among many others. In 2010, Billboard Magazine named them “Group of the Decade” which was followed by a Lifetime Achievement award from Billboard.