Los Rakas

"Los Rakas"

Los RakasLos Rakas is comprised of cousins Raka Rich & Raka Dun, pioneering Panamanians by way of the Bay Area on the frontier of a new Latin urban sound. Known for their fresh mix of hip-hop, plena, reggae and dancehall music with both Spanish and English lyricism, Los Rakas represent the cutting edge of Pan-American flows. Taking their name from the Panamanian word “Rakataka” – a negative slur used to describe someone from the ghetto – Los Rakas have set out to both inspire fellow “Rakas” by empowering them to become successful despite their circumstances, turning the current Latin hip-hop world on its head. In 2012, Los Rakas released their EP, Raka Love, touring nationally and internationally.

Their debut album on Universal Latino, “El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo” is out now!
“Raka comes from the word Rakataka. They used that word to refer to people from the hood in Panama, but in a negative way. We took the word and decided to make it positive. But a Raka can go to college, and be a business man, you know.” – Raka Dun in Latin Rapper

‘Caribbean dancehall with ferocious, bilingual, emcee-devouring microphone skills.’ – MTV