Lincoln Continental Perfect Position Seats Enter a New Era of Wellness and Luxury

"Lincoln Continental Perfect Position Seats Enter a New Era of Wellness and Luxury"
  • Lincoln’s patented Perfect Position Seat offers drivers a comfortable sanctuary to alleviate commute fatigue.
  • Perfect Position Seat exemplifies Lincoln’s dedication to mindful engineering, providing improved body support, massage features and increased adjustability
  • Perfect Position Seat will be available in the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental.

Time is a luxury. And according to The Texas Transportation Institute, more than 42 hours per year of that precious time is being spent sitting in traffic. The Lincoln Perfect Position, seats available in the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental, help make the time you spend in the car a luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The Perfect Position Seat promotes wellness and comfort with a patented, flexible comfort carrier suspension system, allowing the seat to flex and work with the body to reduce muscle fatigue. Additionally, the seat offers enhanced adjustability – up to 30 ways – to offer a tailored and personalized experience, which contributes to comfort and customer satisfaction.

“The next frontier to serve the luxury automotive client is a seat that delivers a wellness experience that conforms to and supports the body – a seat that feels as if it were personally tailored for you each time,” said Johnathan Line, Ford Global Advanced Seats Innovation Supervisor. “The new design of the Perfect Position seats does a better job of accommodating a wider range of physiques than in the past. It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.”

Tailored for Wellness
The upper portion of the backrest adjusts independently, so occupants can find a comfortable recline angle, yet feel like their shoulders and head are properly supported. Support for the lower body and legs is provided by two extending thigh cushions, each independently adjustable – extended, moved up or moved down. This allows the driver to further personalize the adjustments and give support as needed to each leg independently, recognizing the different needs for each leg – one is at rest while the other engages the pedals.

“Creating a seat that tailors itself to your body and can be adjusted to the situation to make you more comfortable is a big benefit,” said Christopher Kempski, an ergonomist for Ergo Concepts, LLC. “In my field, we develop solutions for industries that create the best possible fit between workers and their tasks – in essence reducing fatigue. When the body tires, the mind follows, so keeping the body refreshed is vital for overall wellness.”

Additional comfort is provided by massage functions in the back and cushion. The rolling-pattern massage is designed to help reduce muscle fatigue, aches and pains by keeping muscles and blood vessels stimulated in the legs and lower back. The seats can be heated, and cooling vents are included as well.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a 30-minute commute across town or a three-hour drive to a weekend getaway, you don’t want to feel tired when you arrive,” said luxury travel expert Dena Roché. “A seat that offers a wide range of adjustments, more support, massage and other amenities can help leave the driver refreshed, alert and ready to enjoy that getaway.”

A One of a Kind Seat for a One of a Kind Experience
The Perfect Position seats reflect Lincoln’s focus on providing a total luxury experience that fits today’s client demands.

More than 50 patent disclosures related to the 30-way seats have been filed in the United States, with 100-plus more disclosed or under review. Here’s a look at what can be adjusted:


AdjustmentNumber of Ways
Head restraint4
Upper back bolster support2
Cushion extension4 (two movements each side)
Thigh support4
Bolster (back)2
Bolster (cushion)2