Libérate: Tu pasado no es tu prisión (Spanish Edition)

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"Libérate: Tu pasado no es tu prisión (Spanish Edition)"

Libérate: Tu pasado no es tu prisión (Spanish Edition) 

An Emotional, Mental and Physical Plan to Find your own Light, Happiness and Success

Leading a healthy and stress free life is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced and demanding world; but not so easy to do. In her debut paperback book, Libérate: Tu pasado no es tu prisión (Spanish Edition), Luz Avila-Kyncl, who holds a Masters in Social Work and is a Certified Health Counselor, explains why living in the past creates many difficulties in our present and future life, and that when we do not heal from the wounds of yesterday, unhealthy relationships and bad habits condemn us to a mental, emotional and physical prison. 

With a vast understanding of family nutrition and weight & stress maintenance, Avila-Kyncl is dedicated to empowering individuals and families to live a happy and healthy life.  Her book Libérate: Tu pasado no es tu prisión (Spanish Edition) is now available at, and 

In her private practice, she helps solve problems of weight gain, self-esteem, eating disorders, inactivity and stress, working with children, adolescents and adults in individual and family group therapies. Recently, Luz created her own channel on YouTube, “Salud con Luz” (Let’s get Healthy with Luz), in which she shares advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physical and especially mental. Luz is a member of the El Nido Family Centers Board of Directors, and in her spare time volunteers for the Meals on Wheels organization. 

From her humble beginnings in the Dominican Republic to her successful life in the United States, she has experienced it all. A story of struggle, perseverance and freeing yourself from your past and what’s holding you back is what motivated the author to share this story and action plan. Luz explains in detail how to break attachments to the past, the action plan needed to implement, and to enjoy the freedom that comes with living the life we truly want. This book will bring awareness of emotional, mental and physical struggles and will help regain and maintain wellness and good health through a physical, spiritual, and emotional plan that includes both body and soul nutrition. In short, it is a practical way to achieve happiness and vital health.

Luz’s new book, Libérate: Tu pasado no es tu prisión (Spanish Edition) is available now on


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