Natalia Jiménez graces the cover of HOLA USA’s April Issue

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"Natalia Jiménez graces the cover of HOLA USA’s April Issue"

The former lead singer of the Spanish pop band La 5ª Estación and coach on Telemundo’s “La Voz Kids” opens up her home to HOLA! USA and poses with her 6 month old daughter for the first time, opening up about motherhood, what attracted her to her husband and how they pulled off their “surprise” wedding!  The issue also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes images from Enrique Iglesias’ video shoot in Havana for “Súbeme la Radio.”

On motherhood:

“Now that I have a daughter I have to lead by example and show her that women can accomplish anything we set our minds to.”


On what motherhood has taught her about herself:

“I’m more patient than I thought. I’m fast, I’m fiery, but now I have this Zen calm…It has centered me. Now I don’t get frazzled.”


On what attracted her to Daniel:

“I was looking for someone with serious intentions, who was focused on his career but also family oriented. It’s very good to be independent as a woman, but I also want a man who can do the same.”


On her “surprise” wedding:

“Our friends didn’t know we were getting married. Not even my stylist knew! I invited them to celebrate my birthday…during the party I sat down to talk to everyone…and suddenly disappeared. I put on my wedding dress and when I came out to the song ‘Going to the Chapel, and we’re going to get married’ everybody started yelling. They couldn’t believe it!”