A Review of “An American Alien” by Dania Ramirez 

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"A Review of “An American Alien” by Dania Ramirez "

Dania Ramirez offers and honest glimpse into the minds of her immigrant family as they discuss how they felt about leaving their children in their home land to come to  the United States to Pursue their dreams of a better life for their families.

We as parents make sacrifices so that our kids could live a better life. And while I believe that some don’t see that at the time, it’s those sacrifices that shape and mold the minds of the children.

When Dania asked her mother “do you think you achieved the American Dream?” Her mother responds with “Yes. You guys achieving the dream is me achieving the dream”.

Dania and her family immigrated from the Dominican Republic and lived in a two bedroom apartment with another family. It’s not rare to see that here in the U.S. Especially Larger cities. To me it helps with humility and a sense of “family”.

While emotions take their toll during the short documentary, Dania spoke about seeing her father for the first time with Parkinson’s disease. That touched me more than anything since I was raised by my grandparents and my grandfather died of the same disease. I can still remember his hand shaking and helping him shave because he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking.

This is a must see video with a really emotional and candid look at immigration and of family.

Take a look at the video yours and comment your thoughts on it.

About “An American Alien”

Immigrant Heritage Month 2015 is proud to present “An American Alien.” Devious Maids’ star, Dania Ramirez, takes us back to the place where she grew up in the United States when she first arrived from the Dominican Republic. Dania dances salsa, cooks sancocho and questions her mother and father about whether or not they achieved their “American dream,” in this powerful and emotional reunion of her entire family.

Writers & Directors: Bev Land & Dania Ramirez
Cinematographer: Daniel Patterson
Executive Producer: Michael Skolnik
Producers: Joseph La Morte & Gloria La Morte
Co-Producer: Flannery Miller
Editor: Saba Riazi
Music: “Soy Dominicano” written & performed by Fernandito Villalona Courtesy of Código Music
Original Music: Monica Cohen & Renato Milone

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