Latina Environmentalist Erika Nuno Featured in 10-Year Celebration of Academy Award Winning Film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

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"Latina Environmentalist Erika Nuno Featured in 10-Year Celebration of Academy Award Winning Film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’"
An Inconvenient Truth (AIT), the critically acclaimed documentary film that ignited a global climate change movement, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.
Leading up to the anniversary, Participant Media launched #AIT10, a multi-platform campaign recognizing the impact of the film and celebrating individuals like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Sierra Club’s Executive Director Michael Brune and Nunovations Founder Erika Nuno who shared why they are inspired to act on climate change, and encourage others to “Share Your Truth.”
“Because the film was translated in Spanish, I was able to share it with my Mexican-immigrant parents, which sparked our first conversation about climate change”, says Nuno, a featured environmental leader on #AIT10.
Her green marketing agency Nunovations was founded in response to address the need for a multicultural perspective and more creative approach at marketing sustainability initiatives.
“Even though environmental slogans and messaging is translated into Spanish, there is usually no cultural relevancy to the communication. That’s what has been lacking in marketing being done around climate change. I realized I could no longer wait for someone else to address the issue. I had to do it myself and inspire others to embrace cultural diversity in order to make a larger impact for the cause,” says Nuno.
Directed by Davis Guggenheim, An Inconvenient Truth is a passionate look at Al Gore’s fervent crusade to halt global warming’s deadly progress by revealing the truths about it. The film has beencalled the most important moment of the effort to address global warming. AIT is the first documentary to win two Academy Awards® (Best Documentary, Feature and Best Original Song) and continues to inspire people around the world to take action.
Spotlighting the influence the film has had on individuals, Participant launched “Share Your Truth,” a series of videos from environmental leaders, business owners and government officials from around the world telling personal stories of the impact the film had on them at Everyone with a story is invited to join the conversation at #AIT10. Updated information on climate change and ways to get involved and take action are also available on the site. Everyone is encouraged to join the AIT Facebook page to be part of the community.
Nunovations ( is a green marketing agency committed to integrating environmental sustainability with the creative sectors. We assist our clients in advancing their triple bottom line through socially responsible business development, creative branding, strategic partnerships, and culturally-relevant marketing and communications. Our sustainability initiatives create awareness and invoke action. We build bridges between the entertainment industry, arts & culture, corporations, private business, government and nonprofits.