Mayimba Celebrates the Bravery of Women with #IAmAMayimba Storytelling Initiative!

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"Mayimba Celebrates the Bravery of Women with #IAmAMayimba Storytelling Initiative!"


Today Mayimba launches the ‘I Am Mayimba‘ campaign in celebration of Women’s History Month this March.  The project aims to uplift and empower women to work through their struggles and together towards success.

Originally pronounced Mayimbe (a Taino Indian term for Chief), Mayimba is a word used to describe a woman of power, a woman of ambition, or a charismatic boss – a nickname MARTI CUEVAS, founder & CEO of Mayimba Music adopted over many years of service in the music industry.

For this project, 35 participants across various levels of notoriety, each recorded a brief 90 second video clip explaining what they do professionally, their personal philosophy in business, and what makes them ‘a Mayimba.’ Every day throughout the 31 days of March we will see the release of one woman’s unique video telling their story.

Through these short video testimonials, women across diverse industries, backgrounds, and social status’ have the opportunity to inspire the next generation through community.  Each unique narrative will be shared with young ladies throughout New York’s inner city school system during a 5borough school tour in collaboration with the Department of Education – also commencing in March during Women’s History Month.

“We’ve seen and heard the stories of success but we rarely discuss achieving that satisfying end result. I developed this campaign to bring attention to the idea that our struggles are really what make us who we are, those are the defining moments. Success is important- but more important than where you are, is where you came from, it shapes us. Women of all backgrounds, colors and experiences have stories to share. This campaign brings these stories directly to you.

What we found by listening to these women’s stories is that success, like struggle takes all forms- there is no one path alike nor should there be. Mayimba has harnessed these stories to recognize the strength in struggle and how they often lead to our greatest successes. We see this campaign as a platform to encourage women to lend a helping hand to the woman next to them- let’s use our power within to inspire and uplift. We are most victorious when we are standing side by side- this is our way of standing with and for women during Women’s history month.” – Director of marketing, Zoila Darton

To see the daily video upload from each of the ‘I am Mayimba’ participants, visit starting March 1st.

Participants include:   legendary model agent Bethann Hardison, philanthropist and founder of Precious Dreams Foundation, Nicole Russell, recording artist Maluca Mala, progressive lawyer Carrie Goldberg, Mary Nunez, Director of Music Licensing at Sony Music Ent Latin Division, Gabriela Ortega, Talent Music Manager at MTV Latin America and Sadye Campoamor, Director of Community Affairs at the NYC Department of Education - amongst others.