Nexus Caridades Expands National Network of Pro-Bono Immigration Attorneys

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"Nexus Caridades Expands National Network of Pro-Bono Immigration Attorneys"


Nexus Caridades, a national pro-bono legal services provider within the Nexus Services family of companies, announced this week the expansion of its legal team featuring ten new immigration attorneys. The additional staff, which brings the total number of full-time attorneys on staff to 24 after launching only six months ago, is a direct response to the great demand in the market for knowledgeable and qualified representation for immigration and deportation cases.

“Our mission at Nexus Caridades is to help bridge the inequities that exist within a complicated immigration system and provide excellent representation to as many of those seeking release as possible,” said Gordon Turner, Nexus Services General Counsel and Director of Pro Bono Services. “To further this cause and better serve our clients, we are rapidly expanding our team, and will work to add more as needed in the months ahead.”

Nexus Caridades offers free legal counsel to those whose cases are accepted. Immigrants who find themselves in the following situations may be eligible for their pro bono legal services:

  • In custody awaiting bond hearings
  • Libre by Nexus clients in need of assistance, determined on a case by case basis
  • Minors, families arrested together, LGBTQ asylum seekers and those escaping gang violence

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Libre by Nexus is an ally for undocumented immigrants. They have offices across the country that serve immigrants in detention and their families, providing opportunities for detainees to be reunited with their families. Nexus Caridades is a pro bono legal services provider to immigrants in removal proceedings. Caridades directly employs licensed immigration attorneys in Nexus offices across the country who provide legal assistance to immigrants across the US every day. All information shared with Nexus Caridades attorneys is private, and will not be shared with any person or government agency, including ICE