Simple Scholarship Advice #ForTheDream – 2016 Coca-Cola Hispanic Scholarship Fund #ad

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"Simple Scholarship Advice #ForTheDream – 2016 Coca-Cola Hispanic Scholarship Fund #ad"


When I was in high school; a long, long time ago, We had these guidance counselors who would tell you where they thought you could attend college at based on some criteria. Now I was never sure what that criteria was, but I knew that the college applications were expensive. Around that time you had to roughly pay $35 – $50 per application. So it was a little disconcerning, when I was told to stick to local schools that were city and state based. I found that very odd considering that I was part of the National Honor Society and had relatively good grades.

It wasn’t until I spoke to a friend of mine that opened my eyes to the whole college process. He told me that because I lived with my grandmother and she didnt make a lot of money, that there were many opportunities for me. That I was able to apply anywhere I wanted and not worry about the charges. So I took his advice at face value, walked into my guidence councelors office and directed my own path. Needless to say I applied to quite a few schools. Some just to see if I could get in and some I was really interested in. At the end I ended up going to Syracuse University with all my stuff paid even books. It was his advice that helped put me in the mindframe of that.

Fast forward a couple years and now I see and give advice to young adults I know that may be thinking about going to college. I give them the exact same advice my friend gave me if they are in a similar situation or give them advice on doing online research on scholarships. There are plenty of them around and Coca Cola has one!

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2016 Coca-Cola Hispanic Scholarship Fund