In solidarity with the LGBT community (Don’t you stop fighting!)

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"In solidarity with the LGBT community (Don’t you stop fighting!)"


I have loved and lived amongst you since my bravest of friends set themselves free. I have never let anyone tell me that loving any of you was wrong or that you loving each other was wrong. I have fought against the religious beliefs spoon fed down my throat, against male chauvinists, against my Latino culture and against my own parents to make them accept you. Eventually my parents did, the very moment they realized their beliefs were founded on ignorance. That’s when they started loving you too. A battle that took years to win; a defining personal victory.

Since I was young I have always fought alongside you and forever will until you have the same rights as me. I believe in fighting for change through kind words and actions. Your community is the epitome of that. And although you’re not the first and only group in history being persecuted, your community is by far the most unique. The entire spectrum of the rainbow you have…all races, ethnicities, religions, orientations, and genders. The word gay is used to describe you because that is what you are…gay! I’ve never had a dull moment at a gay establishment. You bring joy into the lives of others despite the fact that outside you are fighting monsters in the shape of unaccepting parents, religion, laws, fear, hate, and prejudice.

Your community is synonymous with unity, love, acceptance, and support. What a beautiful example your community is to the rest of the world who is fighting with each other about every other issue, especially here in America. Despite all the differences amongst you, you stand together, march together, cry together, endure visceral pain together, laugh together. In my 37 years of existence and from what I’ve learned in world history, there has never existed such a diverse yet cohesive community like yours. Schools should teach a mandatory class on LGBT studies so young minds can understand the power of love and community and how that can bring about some really beautiful changes. I would be honored, as a professor, to teach that class.

I want to end by acknowledging your accomplishments. We are so proud of you, so very fucking proud of you! Your strength is the love and unity rampant amongst your community, add education and success to the equation and you will accomplish all you set out to do.  You will change the laws, you will be accepted, you will respected, you will be tolerated, you will be loved by all.  Despite the arduous road you’ve been walking on since you were born , you’re on the right track. Don’t lose focus and don’t let intolerance, ignorance, fear, and hate derail you. You have so many allies and so many cheerleaders. Don’t you stop fighting, don’t you fucking stop fighting! Because we won’t stop fighting! Keep marching, keep fighting, keep loving, and keep dancing because that is what you do best!

With love and in solidarity with LGBT communities across the globe,

Loren Medina