Statement of Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger on Kesha – Dr.Luke lawsuit

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"Statement of Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger on Kesha – Dr.Luke lawsuit"


In October 2014, pop star Kesha sued her producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald for “sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, unfair business practices, and infliction of emotional distress.” The ensuing 16 months of legal battles included a countersuit from Dr. Luke for breach of contract which states that Kesha is required to make no fewer than six new albums under Dr. Luke’s purview.

On Friday, Feb. 19, New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich denied singer Kesha’s request for an immediate injunction that would allow her to begin to record without Dr. Luke. Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger issued the following statement:

“Contracts are established to protect people by ensuring their fair and equal treatment. They are created to level the playing field, so that the dynamics of power are not skewed in one party’s favor without regular form. Denying Kesha’s request sends the message that a corporation’s commercial interests take precedence over the physical wellbeing and psychological safety of women.

“This type of abuse — stemming from a legal system that should protect them — happens frequently as a result of the lack of safeguards for women who have suffered abuse. Systems of sexism and misogyny in the workplace exist across industries and women should not be held hostage for economic gain. We commend Kesha’s bravery and the courage of all those who have spoken out to, not only support her, but to demand change to our country’s rampant problem of abuse whether it is physical, emotional or mental.”


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