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"GREEN ROOM | NYC Mission Escape Contest"
GREEN ROOM | © 2016 A24 Films

NYC, you ready to put your prideful, rotten apple survival skills to the test? If your answer’s “yes,” check this out!

In support of GREEN ROOM’s release, CorrienteLatina presents ESCAPE THE DARKETS HOUR experience from A24 films. We are looking to pick one (1) lucky, NYC reader and a guest to be thrown into ESCAPE THE DARKEST HOUR Mission Escape Game. Put your skills to the test as you join four (4) other strangers and try to escape from a serial killer. Using nothing but your wits and a flashlight, race against time to find all of the clues that will lead to your escape.

All participants must be over the age of 21!

Event Date / Time: Thursday, April 14 @ 830pm (Must arrive by 8p)

If interested in submitting for this once-in-a-lifetime event, please click here.

Must live in and/or around the NYC area. Submissions end today!


FYI: CorrienteLatina is not in charge of selecting and/or overseeing winners.


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