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"JUANES: MIS PLANES SON AMARTE | Adv. Chicago Screening – GoFoBo"

Juanes’ new visual album MIS PLANES SON AMARTE releases on Friday, May 12 and, to celebrate, Chicago will be holding an advance screening of the film part of the visual album next week. This is the one chance for fans to watch the film on the big screen as it was meant to be experienced. Juanes will appear onscreen for an introduction, and there will be on-site giveaways

An archeologist becomes obsessed with an inexplicable finding that shakes the world. He discovers the shape of a contemporary astronaut in an ancient archaeological site. His research now leads him to the photo of a beautiful native woman of a pre Columbian civilization. The woman is the missing link between his studies and the answers he is looking for. The archeologist goes in search of this captivating woman and embarks on a journey that will take him through the beautiful and remote landscapes of Colombia, only to find out that she is now very old. Wise and loving but old. Through her, he will discover the true meaning of life. The scientist then becomes an astronaut and goes on an intergalactic journey back in time to the find the woman in her youth. With her, he finds the absolute truth about life and the universe, and learns that the only matrix and creative energy is LOVE.

MIS PLANES SON AMARTE will screen on Thursday, May 11.
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