Win your own set of slimware dishes! (CLOSED)

"Win your own set of slimware dishes! (CLOSED)"

blue_belle_portionThe holidays were all about indulgence, sweet treats and overeating with family and friends. However, now that we’re home from holiday traveling and done with entertaining we find ourselves trying to stick to our resolutions for the New Year . . . and for most of us at least one of those resolutions has to do with dieting.

Do you spend thousands of dollars each year on personal trainers, gym memberships, weight loss pills, diet books and home meal delivery systems . . . all in the name of staying lean and healthy? Well, the most basic and most effective weight-loss principle is available to consumers for a fraction of that price with Slimware: If you eat less, you’ll weigh less! Equally important is the fact that the diet principle is disguised in the design, so you’ll simultaneously be able to enjoy your meals on lovely dinnerware. We are psychologically and culturally programmed to “stay in the lines” . . . whether on the highway or at the post office. Slimware applies that mental predisposition to help you become portion conscious. Instead of supersizing your meals and wildly overeating, now you can use the world’s first aesthetically-pleasing portion control plate to limit your food intake and develop healthier long-term eating habits. Each plate’s design incorporates designated food placement areas that correspond to recommended food portions and serve as a gentle visual reminder not to overindulge.

Slimware has been embraced by Hollywood’s body-conscious elite. Fans of the line include Elisabeth Röhm, Garcelle Beauvais, Tori Spelling, Judith Light, Kendra Wilkinson, Emily Procter, Kathy Griffin, Rene Russo, Ashlee Simpson, Jennie Garth, Faith Hill and Kristin Chenoweth.  Slimware is available in several eye-catching designs that complement nearly any kitchen: Jubilee (red), Urban Safari (leopard), Sunburst (yellow), Dandelion Dreams (brown) and Bluebelle (blue). Slimware plates are available in either melamine (lightweight, shatterproof, scratch-resistant, indoor/outdoor flexible and dishwasher safe) or ceramic (dishwasher and microwave safe). Melamine styles retail for $29.95; ceramic styles are $49.50. Each box includes a set of four plates. Instead of counting calories and weighing your food, now you can simply use your eyes to limit your portions. Slimware is intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

“Just right eating portions” vary by person (and lifestyle), and Slimware’s visual assessment theory is meant as a guideline and support system only. Breaking any bad habit involves awareness, learning new behaviors and having a support system; all three of those elements are represented with Slimware. Whether maintaining New Year’s resolutions or teaching your kids about proper portions at an early age, Slimware is a perfect addition to any household, fitness program and dinner table!

With all that said, would YOU like a chance to win your own set? Yes, we thought you would.  Comment your namecity and plate set below for your chance to win!  and Check out to see which plate set you are interested in winning