An Open Letter

"An Open Letter"

CorrienteLatina, LLC is NOT a cinderella story. It has taken hard work and dedication to get to where we are today. A friend once told me that no matter what is going on in your personal life, business continues. And I have taken that advice to heart and with the help of the team we have managed to gain continued success.

We have only scratched the surface. Now we have Corriente Latina Music Group and so much more coming soon. Thanks to all the friends, family and most of all the people who always go to to check out new music, news, reviews and much more. We appreciate everyone who has always shown support for our cause.

From the beginning we have been in the business of supporting new talent and we continue to do so without asking for any money to post music, videos or bios. We do NOT pirate music, we do not act like we are #1. We are who we are and will continue to do so.

From everyone who has ever been involved with us and those that continue to be involved in our movement we hold you all in the highest respect. From DJs to Record Labels to Marketing Firms to Artists. We sincerely thank you for your help. This is a public thank you; there are so many names so forgive me if I miss someone. My aunt flor that helped me pick the name, Illie (You believed in this from day one; although you hated that I worked on it every second of free time. lol – pero mira!), DJ Calle (People will never know how much you really do around here man.), Tony Gonzalez (my friend and mentor. Thank you!), Dj Apaza (always thank you for that advice man), Loren Medina (You know I got You always), Digital Girl, Amalia (always looking out for me – anything you need, we here), Blue Shoes Media, Dj Locorious (I hate you for making my grind look dumb sometimes, but you motivate me brother), DJ Superstar Boogie (you are the phenom – don’t forget that), DJ Young Ant, DJ Carlito, 2M2HDjs, DJ El Nino (you looked out from day 1 homie you grandfathered in. lol), Dj Sincero (you are just a beast my dude), DJ Wheelmaster Rob(gracias hermano), Dj Hostile (what can I say man your talent is insane!), DJ Coms, DJ SantaRosa (My west coast monster), Sony Latino, Temperamento (First artist ever to give me music without asking who the hell I was. I will NEVER forget that), Kufa Castro (Man we grind manito. we almost there. but we cant stop. Your talent is unbelievable and we will show the world together), N-Tune Productions (putting my logo on your mixtapes from day 1), Exclusive and the Mad Latin Family (you always show support fam), 4Ever (you guys are cool as hell man and always look out when i need a track for a mixtape), Darkshadez (yall beats are fire. and still the best intro to a mixtape that has ever been done on CorrienteLatina – Daev you the man), T-Weaponz, Guary & Cleyton, Prinz (You have taken the shot and have ran with it man.I admire you my dude). Anyone else I forgot I apologize but this is impromtu and reads like liner notes. lol. (idea!) To the CLMG fam – Big Preme, Benjamin Arce we are on to something fams; we are on to something. To Big Sence, Mr. N.E.S, Gabkas that without hesitation jumped on board! Love that!

Coming up next we have the Latin Urban Mixx in NYC on July 22 ( we have the Contra La Corriente album dropping July 27, 2010. We have the Boston Music Conference in September ( and so much more.

To those who have ever doubted us or continue to do so, THANK YOU. It is because of YOU that we continue to prove you wrong again and again.

– Richard Chiriboga
CEO, CorrienteLatina, LLC