Message to the Puerto Rican community of NYC by Danny Hastings

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"Message to the Puerto Rican community of NYC by Danny Hastings"

By: Danny Hastings

I Hold all our Hispanic communities very dear to my heart. I have two sons with Puerto Rican blood running through their hearts and it hurts me right now to see what is going on in La Isla de Puerto Rico and the disrespectful bickering and controversy that is coming with the parade. We must think of solutions, but all i see is just people adding gasoline to the fire without really offering a solution. I know this a touchy subject, but I have some thoughts and Im going to share them in an effort to help create some consciousness on both side of the fence.

My message to the Puerto Rican community of NYC and The organizers of the Parade is to acknowledge they Have a serious Problem and change needs to take place. A problem that on the social media level is boiling. I’m reading a lot of ugly language from both sides, a lot of division and hurtful messages. I am not reading messages of unity, love and respect. Which is what a Parade and a celebration should be about. I see a lot of tempers flying high, and it’s time to adjust the messaging and check egos for a better parade experience. Boycott against Boycott is not going to help anyone. I suggest that the parade organizers offer an alternative honoree and still have Oscar Lopez involved but not as the focus of the parade.

Sorry but that is the only viable solution. His sentence was communed by the government and that is huge, but hasn’t been pardoned by a large group of Puerto Ricans and there needs to be a certain level of consideration there by the event committee. Everyone needs to be OK with this. Shake hands with EVERYONE… and make this the great celebration that Latino culture can offer and put the focus and energy on how the Island can get out of the situation that is in. May you find peace and be well during this troublesome time. One Love and much respect. DH

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