3 Top Latina bloggers share their red carpet beauty prep & glam tips inspired by 2016 awards season

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"3 Top Latina bloggers share their red carpet beauty prep & glam tips inspired by 2016 awards season"


With award season in full swing, we look forward to the daring fashion and latest trends to debut on the red carpet. We often times forget the attention to detail in the preparation routine before hitting the red carpet. In anticipation of one of Latin music’s biggest nights, Dove Spray brings you the latest beauty prep tips from three Latina beauty experts and social media mavens.

Bloggers Daniela Ramirez of NanysKlozet, Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet, and Kelly Saks of KellysKlozet are three rising Latina trendsetters each with tens of thousands of followers across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. These ladies open up their lives to share their personal insights on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle every day for their fans. Below are some key tips from each of these influencers on how to get GLAM ready for a big night.

Daniela Daniela, NanysKlozet


  • When getting ready for a big event, one of my favorite tips is to smoothly rub two ice cubes on my face for a couple of minutes (focus on the eye area, especially if you had a busy day before and couldn’t get enough beauty sleep). This also shrinks your pores and your makeup will look flawless all night.





annie-vazquezAnnie, The Fashion Poet


  • Getting ready for the big night out means looking and feeling your best, so make sure to get plenty of beauty sleep and drink lots of H20 the night before.
  • Break a sweat by squeezing in a good workout the same day. It’ll keep you energized for the evening & fuel your confident throughout it.





KellyKelly, KellysKlozet

  • Dove Dry Spray is a must-have in my beauty bag. Deodorant stains are the worst way to start a special evening, that’s why I love that Dove Dry Spray goes on clear and dries instantly. I don’t have to worry about embarrassing white marks on my party dress. It also ensures I’ll stay comfortable and dry throughout a long night of singing and dancing with my chicas. I’ll be the only one that knows when I break a sweat from jamming to Mr. 305!