#AXE Addresses What it Means to “Be a Man”

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"#AXE Addresses What it Means to “Be a Man”"

Today, AXE launched a new campaign/one-minute film from AXE called “Is It Ok For Guys?” that highlights the tough questions guys privately struggle with and turn to Google search for guidance/answers (e.g., is it ok for guys to be emotional?).

This is part of a larger AXE purpose mission also launching today as an extension to last year’s “Find Your Magic” campaign.

The new mission launching is called the “Find Your Magic Initiative,” and is dedicated to helping break the cycle of toxic masculinity – and its negative effects on both men and women – by showing guys there’s no one way to “be a man.”

  • 72%* of guys have been told to “man up,” “quit crying,” “don’t be such a sissy!”
  • 59%* of guys believe they need to act tough even when they’re scared

As part of the initiative, AXE has partnered with three non-profit organizations – Promundo, The Representation Project, and Ditch the Label – to better understand the issues young guys face and provide them with resources to be their most authentic selves.