Are you men treating your hair right?

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"Are you men treating your hair right?"

Great hair starts in the shower.

However, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to your hair & the shampoo you use. After all, a shampoo can do much more than simply clean your hair. It’s the first step in prepping your mane for easy, every day styling.

AXE Hair Celebrity Groomer Amy Komorowski (Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Reynolds) has provided her tips & tricks to optimize your wash & care routine and make the most of your head of hair:

  1. Talk to your barber about your specific hair needs & products that work best for it. A styling routine is not complete without the right shampoo.
  2. How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type and how active you are. Shampooing everyday might not be necessary for guys with longer, fuller, thicker hair. However, if you are super active, sweat a lot, or work out often, shampooing every day might be best to rid your hair of dirt and excess oil.
  3. For fine or thinning hair, a thickening shampoo can help add fullness and volume to it, which will result in easier styling. I like AXE Daily Thickening, which is infused with caffeine to help give your hair a fuller look & feel.
  4. For those with dandruff, shampoos enriched with Pyrithione Zinc will help to moisturize your scalp & control flaking.  AXE Daily Dandruff Defense Shampoo is great for dandruff control and smells great with the scent of oud wood & vanilla.
  5. For those looking for a hair detox, AXE Deep Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner gets your hair primed for styling. Enriched with charcoal, it helps to cleanse hair and remove styling residue, while resetting hair purity.