A Quick Q&A with NYFW Latino Designer Carlos GarciaVelez

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"A Quick Q&A with NYFW Latino Designer Carlos GarciaVelez"

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As the official grooming sponsor of NYFW: Men’s, AXE will support 15 designers. Throughout the week, AXE will provide backstage grooming of the runway models using the antiperspirant sticks and hair styling products from the Advanced Collection line at designer presentations like Latino designers: GARCIAVELEZ and Thorsun



We caught up with Carlos GarciaVelez for a quick Q&A below:

What inspired the collection? Did your culture influence your work in any way?
The collection is centered around the decay of infrastructures in contemporary cities, the idea of finding the beauty behind the decomposition of the material and how you can reinterpret that on the body. In question to my Mexican culture, I think it is something that will always be in my blood and in what I do, I come from a family of architects and I think in that sense, in the sense of modernism in Latin America, and how it has grown from the time of my grandparents and parents to my time, and I think that influences me aesthetically and in the way I think.


Do you have a message for Latinos trying to find the right style for themselves?
Style comes a lot from individuality, from who you are, and I think you have to explore what you have that is different. And in the ways you are different you have to push that more instead of hide it. I believe that is what gives you individuality.


07122016_GarciaValez_1892 07122016_GarciaValez_1923 07122016_GarciaValez_1993





For SS17, GARCIAVELEZ explores the decay of infrastructure in the contemporaryAmerican city. Highlighting the weathering of minerals, the concept focuses onverdigris, the natural bluegreen patina formed when copper, brass, and bronzeare exposed to air or seawater over a prolonged period of time. With therelationship between construction and destruction serving as an integral element,the collection simultaneously exhibits a sense of strength and vulnerability.
Referencing surface transportation, roads, bridges, and public transit, designerCarlos Garciavelez explores the evolution and legacy of the monofunctionalinfrastructure and urbanism of the 1950s and its current state of visible corrosion.

“We look into the expiration date of infrastructure in the world,” statesGarciavelez. “The collection echoes the fragile balance between nature and lifewith that of death and decay.”
Oxidized hues convey the gradual effects of verdigris and erosion. Exposed seemsand edges emphasize the raw, intricate construction of the materials,transforming each piece into wearable infrastructure. Bold prints, overlays of lightfabrics, sweatshirts and outwear feature the tension between these two poles.
Treated copper plates and sections of steel mesh serve as set pieces tocontextualize the collection, which debuts during New York Fashion Week: Men’sand for the first time, will present as part of the CFDA/Skylight Clarkson Squareshow space.