Recap: From One Latina to Another – P&G Orgullosa Program Celebrates The Beauty and Diversity of Inspiring Latinas

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"Recap: From One Latina to Another – P&G Orgullosa Program Celebrates The Beauty and Diversity of Inspiring Latinas"

orgullosa 6I had the opportunity to attend the #LivingFabulosa event hosted by P&G Orgullosa Program. A program that celebrates the Nueva Latina campaign. A campaign specifically designed to empower modern day Latin Women to embrace our culture and what we represent to our society.

Through the Nueva Latina forum, they recognized the Latina trendsetters, their stories of success in our society given the trials and tribulations of our cultural status of our up bringing to always put our family first and ourselves second. The Living Fabulosa Program helps us in bringing strong, proud-full women to break the cultural barriers and transcend into a new era of modern women with careers, successful business, and raising a family.

The Modern Latina are women breaking all cultural cliches. We are changing how society views us, and paving a new way for our young Latina daughters to carry on the new era of being an Orgullosa Latina. I had the greatest pleasure to listen to Gina Rodriguez (Golden Globe Winner) and noticed how she exemplifies elegance, strength, and pride of being a Latina in Hollywood. She is changing Hollywood’s views on how they see women and is embracing who she is without giving into the cliche of how “you should look” to work in the entertainment business. She is changing their views by staying true to her roots and standing ground to her beliefs. Among her were other wonderful, inspirational women; Angie Martinez (Radio Personality), actress’ Diane Guerrero and Selena Leyva, Lillian Vazquez (Style expert), Janet Jones (Vixen Workout founder), etc.
These women have all paved the way to a new movement, a movement that I am proud to be a part of. Gina Rodriguez said it best, “As Nueva Latinas, we are proud of where we come from and we are defining a new blended cultural life that is unique and inspiring.”


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