Sweet Like Candy – Ariana Grande’s new fragrance

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"Sweet Like Candy – Ariana Grande’s new fragrance"

Director Hannah Lux Davis captures the essence of Ariana Grande’s inspiration for her latest top selling fragrance Sweet Like Candy with a colorful and witty campaign. “For this spot, Ariana was excited about creating a vibe that was tongue-in-cheek and had some playful, unexpected elements to it. The inspiration for the concept came from the perfume itself – a culmination of all things sweet!” states Davis.

The irresistible and addictive fragrance notes are playfully depicted as a sweet collision orchestrated by Grande. Davis adds, “I wanted to create a scenario where all the flavors come together in an unexpected way. An ice cream truck, a baker’s delivery van, and a candy cart, all colliding in the middle of an intersection, ultimately inspiring Ariana to create Sweet Like Candy.” Known for her comedic sensibility and contagious sense of humor, the commercial features Grande in a few unexpected and surprising roles to completely break the mold of your standard fragrance commercial.

Davis goes on to note, “Working with Ariana is always an adventure. She brings so much personality to everything she touches so I like to leave room for spontaneity on the shoot. Ariana’s an entertainer and comedian at heart – she has great instincts! She also has a real understanding of her brand and what her fans crave from her – she’s always thinking of what they’d want to see.”