Top Golden Globes Hair Trends by AXE Hair celebrity stylist Amy Komorowski

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"Top Golden Globes Hair Trends by AXE Hair celebrity stylist Amy Komorowski"

AXE Hair celebrity stylist Amy Komorowski (Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Reynolds, Adam Driver) was behind-the-scenes during the Golden Globe Awards and shared the top men’s hairstyle trends she saw, along with tips for guys to easily re-create these red carpet looks at home.

Amy K.’s Top Golden Globes Hair Trends:

Shiny texture: We saw a resurgence of shiny hair last night and a departure from the popular matte “no product” look. Pomade was the go-to product to create a clean, classic look.

How-to: To re-create this look, use a pomade like AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade. Apply a dime-sized amount to wet or damp hair and run through with a comb to lock hair into place for a look that has just the right amount shine.

Examples: Colin Farrell,  Brad Pitt, Tom Hiddleston









Classic Old Hollywood: One look that never goes out of style is a clean, side part or slicked back hair.  A popular go-to for award shows, this look pairs nicely with a classic tux or suit for a super pulled together look that works on all hair types and flatters every face shape.

How-to: While hair is damp, use a generous amount of pomade, really working it, from roots to ends. Using a comb and comb hair from front to back, making sure to get the sides and back as well. Depending on your style, you can keep it tight or use your fingers and run through to loosen the hair a bit. Have fun and experiment with side parts or none at all. Finish off with a bit more pomade and hairspray for hold

Examples: Ryan Gosling, Rami Malek, Aaron Taylor Johnson







Beards: Beards dominated the red carpet at the Golden Globes last night with Jon Hamm even naming the phenomenon, “Beard Parade 2017.” From stubble to full fluffy beards, there was every length and type of beard to be seen.

How-to: Be sure to keep your beard nicely groomed with a pair of scissors or a razor, or schedule visits with your barber every other week.

Examples: Ryan Reynolds, Jonah Hill to Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine