Drinks anyone? check out “Maven Cocktails”

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"Drinks anyone? check out “Maven Cocktails”"

20150709_190150Maven is a new brand of alcohol that will be hitting the markets in the very near future.  With Maven, the goal is to put out a new type of drink with a uniquely different type of appeal.  So what’s their edge that allows Maven to stand out?  It’s vodka.  It’s vodka.  It’s vodka AND wine.  Say what?  YES this new drinking innovation is a distilled vodka that’s infused with premium wine to create a new kind of cocktail, a vodka cocktail.  Sounds interesting huh?  Well get this, Maven Cocktails are made here in the US (Colorado) and is 38 calories per serving.   Something new, something made in the US AND something without a lot of calories?   Nice, nice and NICE!

Maven Cocktails come in two flavors (so far), the “white” flavored Chardonnay and the “red” flavored Pinot Noir.  The Chardonnay is light, delicious and goes down smooth (just right for my liking).  The Pinot Noir on the otherhand was a bit strong and not as as appealing to my taste buds.  To be fair I prefer my drinks to be sweet and juicy, the kind you keep throwing back and not feel like you’re drinking until after you’ve had a few.  I’m unsure how lovers of Pinot would enjoy it, but I encourage you to try it and know for yourself whether you’ll like it or not.  You can check out their website along with their social media accounts (Maven Cocktails on facebook and @mavencocktails on instagram) for more information.


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