Ideas for Father’s Day gifts and tips about cocktails from the Flick mixologist, Juan David Marin

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"Ideas for Father’s Day gifts and tips about cocktails from the Flick mixologist, Juan David Marin"

Mixologist Juan David MarinWhat inspired you to become a professional mixologist?

I started my career as a mixologist by accident. When I decided to move to the United States from Colombia, my first employment options were the restaurant industry and event agencies. After a couple of months of working, I realized that it was a job in which I could relate with different cultures and learn about international gastronomy, wines and cocktails. Besides I have always been passionate about these things. However, I can now say that the most important thing in my career is the quality of service and the experience that people have when they visit the bars or events in which I work.
What piece of advice can you give us about what to offer our guests at home this summer?

Summer is my favorite time of the year! As Colombian, I love the heat and enjoy having a good cocktail in the afternoons to refresh with some friends. Some recommendations to take into account when you have guests are:

  • Make sure you always have fresh juices in the refrigerator, they will help you refresh and are great to make cocktails, since their flavors are much better in comparison to other mixers.
  • Keep in your refrigerator favorite types of alcohol, it could be whisky, tequila or wine, so you only have to take them out from the refrigerator and serve with some ice cubes.
  • Last but not least, make sure you always have plenty of ice cubes in the refrigerator since this is one of the most important elements in the mix and preparation of cocktails, especially during the summer.

Which is a must-have utensil in a bar?

Personally, I do not have a specific utensil but a very important element for the cocktail preparation is ice. Nowadays it is very easy to get utensils for the bar at stores. Also, most of the utensils of a bar are those which you already have at home, such as a bottle opener, a mortar or a squeezer.  But without ice, it is impossible to prepare cocktails or offer something so simple as a drink on the rocks.

Father’s Day is almost here, which drinks do you recommend us to give to our fathers on their day?

This date is ideal to give a good type of liquor.  Most men like to enjoy a good whisky and Scotch is well-known for its excellent quality and flavor. That is why I recommend to give him a bottle of Buchanan’s Special Reserve, which is very special since it’s been aged for a minimum of 18 years in European Sherry Oak barrels. You can also make the gift even more special, customizing it with his name and a brief message on a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, one of the most exclusive mixes found in the Johnnie Walker portfolio, which you can do by visiting

How is Father’s Day celebrated in your family?

This day is very important for me and I have many memories, especially when we celebrated it in Colombia since I belong to a very big family on my father’s side. The celebration started by giving my father gifts during breakfast in the morning and in the afternoon we would gather at my grandmother’s house where we would enjoy a good lunch. My father and his brothers used to sit in the living room to have a drink and share a good laugh with stories and jokes. The celebration has been changing over the years, now in some occasions we prefer to go to restaurants but what we have not changed is gathering at the end of the day and continue sharing with family.

About Juan David Marin
Juan David Marin is a Latin Mixologist, who works at Flick, a company engaged in gastronomy services for companies such as Diageo, where Marin is in charge of preparing cocktails for many of the brands and Diageo events in the United States.