Recipe: Red Bull Sorbet

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"Recipe: Red Bull Sorbet"

Savor the Last Days of Summer with Easy, Energizing Frozen Treat

Enjoy the last days of summer with this light, refreshing sorbet recipe made with the unexpected kick of Red Bull, a frozen treat that is sure to extinguish the heat of summer’s sizzle.

Prepared with the flavors of summer in one scoop – sweet, flavorful strawberries and tart, tangy lime – this easy, no fuss recipe, makes the most of keeping you cool, while keeping you revved-up.

Serve Red Bull Sorbet as a summertime snack or dessert and at outdoor cookouts and pool parties. It’s the ultimate warm-weather indulgence that packs a punch when the temperature rises.


Red Bull Sorbet


1 pound Whole Frozen Strawberries

1 cup Red Bull or Sugar-Free Red Bull

1/4 cup Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice



Fresh strawberries and lime twist



In the bowl of a food processor, pulse frozen strawberries until roughly chopped. Add Red Bull and lime juice. Process until smooth.

Pour sorbet into a freezer-safe bread loaf pan. Freeze for 3 hours, stirring once each hour. Sorbet is ready to serve when it is soft set and can be scooped. Serve in a chilled glass garnished with a fresh strawberry and lime twist.