How does Wilmer Valderrama Celebrate Father’s Day?

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"How does Wilmer Valderrama Celebrate Father’s Day?"

Wilmer Valderrama Celebrates Father’s Day with a Sentimental Engraved Message on Iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Wilmer Valderrama gives his father a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with a special message on Father’s Day

Actor and Director Wilmer Valderrama is getting ready for Father’s Day this weekend by engraving a personalized bottle, Johnnie Walker Blue Label for his Dad. The iconic whisky brand is what he saw his father drink while growing up. On this special bottle, Wilmer engraved a custom message which was the best advice that his father ever gave him – in his own accent –  “U getit a bery gud u don getit aaa bery gud.”

When Wilmer auditioned for “That ‘70s Show”, the TV program that would launch his career, his family was struggling to make ends meet including barely being able to afford gas to drive him to auditions, but his Dad knew acting was something Wilmer was extremely passionate about. Right before his final audition, Wilmer said to his dad, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I I got this role? It would be life changing. We could really use this.”

Wilmer’s father’s responded calmly and stated, “mijo if you get it very good, if you don’t get it, very good.” This made Wilmer feel that no matter what happened, he would always be fine. His family would always be by his side. It made him fearless. Check out Wilmer’s personal Father’s Day story on his Instagram, including a close-up of the engraved bottle for his dad.

To Wilmer, this special gift is a way to honor the person who played a big role in his upbringing. You too can immortalize your father’s most treasured life lessons and meaningful moments with a personalized, engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the rarest and most exclusive blend from the Johnnie Walker portfolio, this Father’s Day.

You can order your customized engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label online here for home delivery,  just in-time for Father’s Day. If you need inspiration for an engraving message, you can even borrow Wilmer’s homage to his father:





Wilmer recently partnered with Johnnie Walker for the Keep Walking America campaign, which celebrates the cultural progress and diversity that is shaping the new face of America today.  Wilmer’s heritage and culture has made him the person he is, and he always shares it with the upmost pride.