Red Noses run wild in the US. #RedNoseDay

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"Red Noses run wild in the US. #RedNoseDay"

While Red Nose Day is a big deal in the UK, its very new here in the US.  Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Sam Smith, John Legend, Sienna Miller and Nick Cannon all have accessorized with a Big Red Nose in honor of the cause.  What exactly is the cause? Well Red Nose Day is in support of helping Children Living in Poverty. While celebs are nice to see because they draw greater attention to the cause, its more about the general population that contributes the most.  So here are some we randomnly have found so far!



Affordable First Aid ‏@AffordableFirst

One Direction 1D ‏@1Dternational

Ginger Kadlec ‏@GingerKadlec

Lynnsey Ohm ‏@lynnseyohm5