Take care of your Skin this Summer!

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"Take care of your Skin this Summer!"

Dr-BarbaraSummer is finally here! And as we get ready to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the sun and hopefully hit the beach, it’s important to take some steps to maintaining a healthy looking skin, especially during this time of the year when you get the most sun exposure and shave more often! To help you get the perfect sun-kissed glow all over your body, Dr. Barba, skin care expert and board certified dermatologist has shared some of her tips for your beauty routine this season to look your best.

ALWAYS wash your face at night! Going to bed with makeup on is like begging for a pimple in the morning. On nights that I absolutely don’t have the energy to wash my face (gasp!) I use moisturizing cleansing cloths that I keep next to the night stand. I use them to wipe the makeup off my face as a last resort but don’t feel as guilty as sleeping with makeup on. A good wipe is better than leaving pore clogging make-up on all night that may cause a future breakout. Cleansing wipes are also great to take on overnight flights. I often recommend them to my patients who travel a lot. They are easy to pack and can have a huge impact on women suffering from acne breakouts, often due to flying with makeup on and falling asleep with it on it at night. 

Exfoliate regularly – but be sure to avoid overdoing it! In the age of cleansers with beads, at home peels, exfoliating skincare and sonic cleansing brushes, it is easy to think that “more is better.” Using “more” product(s) or being “more” aggressive with your skin does not necessarily translate into better results. Start with a simple routine. When all else fails, consult a professional, like a dermatologist or an aesthetician, to receive advice on the best skincare products for your skin. Little changes can make BIG improvements to your skin. 

Give some needed TLC to most overlooked areas! Remember your neck, chest, underarms, arms and hands when moisturizing to keep these areas looking healthy. The underarm skin is also an area that is often forgotten about but is just as equally important, especially in the warmer months. During the summer months, we shave our underarms more often, which can result in chafing or dark marks. Try products like the Dove Advanced Care line of deodorants/antiperspirants. In addition to providing 48 hour of odor and wetness protection, they are formulated with NutriumMoisture™, designed to help skin retain its moisture balance over time and aid in the skin’s natural renewal process.  The Dove Advanced Care Clear Tone line contains ingredients like calendula to restore skin to its natural tone. 

And last but not least, Wear Sunscreen Every Day! Your skin is the largest human organ, and it is the most visible. Prevention today = Healthy skin tomorrow. Applying the sunscreen right for your skin is easy these days as the cosmetic elegance has dramatically improved. Know that the skin absorbs ultraviolet aging rays like a sponge, which then damage your DNA, collagen and cause pigment abnormalities later in life. One of my favorite tips for the multi-tasking woman is to mix a dab of foundation with sunscreen, thereby tinting it yourself, and applying your own custom made tinted moisturizer. Add a dab of highlighter to the cocktail and you are sure to get compliments on your glowing skin.