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To say New York Comic Con is an event full of surprises would be an understatement. Today, rabid fans of the ever-so-famous EVIL DEAD franchise were treated to a special surprise. With simply a panel in mind for Starz upcoming ASH VS. EVIL DEAD series (moderated by enthusiastic, crowd-pleaser Kevin Smith), Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi unveiled the entire first episode prior to chattin-n-charmin up a packed Hammerstein Ballroom a/k/a Manhattan Center!

Ash vs. Evil Dead Kevin Smith

And just as one would expect, the premiere of the first episode was gorgasmically fantastic! Going over well as one would expect at an event like NYCC, accompanied with a ton of roaring cheers throughout its run, ASH VS EVIL DEAD displays everything hardcore fans will enjoy. Paying homage to past events and moments, our boy ASH (Bruce Campbell) is back looking a little seasoned, which serves as a major focal point towards the obvious: not as fast or fit as he used to be!

Ash v The Evil Dead
L to R: Ray Santiago, Bruce Campbell, and Dana DeLorenzo | ASH VS EVIL DEAD | © 2015 STARZ

With a cool intro exposing why the Deadites are back after thirty years, to how Ash is as big an asshole as ever, ASH VS EVIL DEAD provides more than horror as it’s sprinkled with humor as well to elevate the core of the show’s subject-matter. What’s cool aside from the obvious is the broadening of the EVIL DEAD world exposing it during contemporary times, along with new, enjoyable characters who quickly link up with ASH, giving him a new purpose.

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Upon its ending, reaction blew Hammerstein’s roof, followed by the long-awaited Q&A moderated by Kevin Smith, who in turn also seemed to have been blown away by what was just presented.

With much back-and-forth, it’s Executive Producer and Showrunner Craig DiGregorio whose replies towards the direction of the show who got some of the best pops! When asked about upcoming gory delights, with much love said, “There’s a really good deli slicer scene.”

One can only image that’s going to play like.

The other was when approached on the show’s touch within the future sequence in the original ARMY OF DARKNESS ending exposed on special edition DVDs, Mr. Showrunner shoots back with, “I’d say don’t rule it out. Maybe not right now, but don’t rule it out.”

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Anticipation is understatement, wouldn’t you say?

But of course, the man of hour was Bruce Campbell who clearly is having a blast with the revival of what was once a simple horror movie back in 1981 that’s taken horror lovers by storm. Still at it thirty years later, the EVIL DEAD franchise is clearly one that will live forever!

Of course, the power of all that is explained by Mr. Campbell when answering Kevin Smith about his overall thoughts and feelings regarding his involvement with the franchise.

Having been one of the lucky ones to be invited to this once-in-a-lifetime event, I can only sum it all up in one word… “Groovy!”

Premieres Halloween night (10.31) @ 9p ET/PT

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