Interview with Celebrity Groomer Reggae Smith

"Interview with Celebrity Groomer Reggae Smith"

0062How did your career as a barber start?
I’m a very creative person and I was always intrigued by hair and wanted to make it my career. I started working on my friends, and considered it a hobby, and over time I developed the expertise in the barber world. At the age of 18 I was introduced to editorial work and was inspired to take it further.


What do you love most about cutting hair?
I love to be able to connect one on one with my clients, and it gives me an opportunity to be inspired by their personality and be able to tailor a style that best first them.


What do you like the least?
Being in demand can be overwhelming, however I am grateful for the amazing opportunities.


You cut the hair of many many celebrities. How did cutting celebrity hair begin?
I was introduced to editorial work and because of those opportunities I started networking an one thing led to another and that was the next level. Working with celebrities means total recognition to be able to bring my craft to the masses.


Whats a funny story on a celebrity haircut? Have you ever messed up someone’s hair?
I’m a perfectionist and messing up isn’t an option for me. There was an intense were one of my clients was unsure what style he wanted, but I improvised and made it work. At the end the client was happy (as usual) with his new creative style.


0241Barbers have a reputation for also being a listener and an adviser. Do you feel that way?
I definitely do, at times it feels like I’m there therapist. I don’t mind being a trusted confidant. It also helps me fine my inner magic.


How do you balance family and work?
I give 100% to both!


Heard you are really community based. What’s your involvement in the community?
I grew up on the Lower East side of NYC and I’m raising my family in the same neighborhood. It’s important for me to  continue to work with my peers in the neighborhood. I’m trying to educate and influence them in everything that I’ve learned in my life experiences.


Anything you would like to say to the youth ?  Stay fresh and find your magic!


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