Juan Ferreyra: #NYCC2016 Interview (DC Comics Artist – ‘Green Arrow’)

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"Juan Ferreyra: #NYCC2016 Interview (DC Comics Artist – ‘Green Arrow’)"
GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH By Juan Ferreyra | © DC Comics

No matter where within the realm of creativity, Latinos aim high and hard. Talented to the core, there isn’t an industry our people haven’t conquered. You name it: TV, film, music, writing, and without doubt comic book artistry. Juan Ferreyra is one-of-many who has laid his groundwork well enough to solidify himself an awesome spot with one of the most popular comic book companies around the world – DC Comics! This talented, Argentinean brother oversees all things Green Arrow! Having tackled other characters as well in the DC Universe (Suicide Squad for example), there aren’t enough words to express what was displayed at this brother’s booth in Artist Alley at this year’s New York Comic-Con.

It wasn’t hard for Rich and I to find ourselves intrigued with his work. Upon small talk, the man was open and easy to engage with. Being Latino was added pleasure, so, we had to do it. Mr. Ferreyra granted us a few minutes and provided a lot of interesting information about himself and landing Green Arrow.

© DC Comics

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