“Love is the new black” – Genesis Rodriguez

"“Love is the new black” – Genesis Rodriguez"
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IDENTITY THIEF (2013) – Universal Pictures


In an era and business where one needs to do what they can to stand out, it’s rare you hear of sincere support among peers. Yes, there’s smiles, and gatherings, and toasts, and side-support comments, but beneath all that, there’s a sense of selfish survival. One that embarks beyond the fittest – and that’s just for white people! Imagine what it must be like for those who aren’t?

Well, in this day-and-age where biases still exist, I think progressiveness seems to be peaking. With a diverse history of various artists making their names known via solid work, Hollywood has no choice but to acknowledge those who seem to be spicing up the scenery. Like it or not, want it or not, there’s a force to be reckoned with known as Latinos!

Showing up droves within many entertainment-based outlets, cinema seems to be having a broader scope among us, especially with the ladies. We’ve seen and heard them all. You name it… Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Rodriguez, Camron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson (yes, she’s a Latina!) etc. have made their mark in one way, shape, or form. Their resumes speak volumes and there’s no stopping and/or knocking their hustle.

NOW! Cutting to the chase… there’s a new breed of talent leaving blazing trails of untouchable work! One of those talented individuals goes by the name of Genesis Rodriguez (IMDb Bio).

Racking up quite a line of work (TV to films), Ms. Rodriguez is by far one of the most talented actresses I’ve seen to date, and one of the most down-to-earth, open, authentic individuals I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

Overall, in a realm that’s quite a rush, titles like CASA DE MI PADRE (’12), IDENTITY THEIF (’13), TUSK (’14), BIG HERO 6 (’14) and currently RUN ALL NIGHT (’15) co-starring alongside Liam Neeson and Ed Harris exposes a versatile actress that can tackle many ranges. In a recent roundtable for RUN ALL NIGHT (in theaters now), the Miami native expressed some of her (what I call) “Genesisms” pertaining to her career’s path and surroundings.

Pulling no punches, Ms. Rodriguez states she’s a “Latina with a mission and a journey.” Aiming for the sky, she follows up with “I have a north. My north is not repeat myself too much.” By that, she elaborates with a general “the girl who is always a cop, or always a lawyer, or always the sex-pot in movies… eye candy.”

“I have a plan. That plan is to break stereotypes for Latina women…” she expresses as her game-plan against the machine. “It’s just gonna take me a shit ton longer. And that’s ok. It’s ok. Most of my family came and did their struggle. I’m doing it my own way.”

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CASA DE MI PADRE (2012) – Pantelion Films

With much sincerity behind those powerful words, Ms. Rodriguez speaks truth. In any business working one’s way up the ladder doesn’t happen from one day to the next. It’s common knowledge. Honestly, the struggle and fending off all stereotypes is only half the battle in Tinsel Town. Aside from all the due-paying hoopla, once you’ve landed a level of success, the inevitable unwanted company is always there standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Creating a bit of a rude rub is always the possible divide between friendship and competition.

But only a strong soul can humbly untangle themselves from that particular web of complexity. “My best friend in LA… she is my competition. Her name is Natalie Martinez (IMDb Bio). We go out for the same jobs. And everyone tries to pit us against each other.” But Ms. Rodriguez’s attitude with those trying to stir the drama pot makes it very clear to her friend(s) when saying “I’m not going to be your competition. I feel it’s much stronger if we show them we’re united and we support each other.”

“That’s what I do with Gina Rodriguez (IMDb Bio) too. Every time she has something, I’m gonna Tweet the shit out of it because I want people to know that between us… we’re not competing against each other. There’s a piece for all of us.”

Working up her own band of sisterhood, “It’s about female empowerment and love and we’re united… we’re so much better together.”

With a Genesism of “love is the new black,” Ms. Rodriguez can clearly be a symbol of unity among Latinas all over the world. Expressing herself in the most genuine ways, she gives ME hope for humanity as a whole. And because of her humble ways, it is without question her future is big and bright. Leading by example, Ms. Rodriguez (among many other positive Latinas) is definitely someone young Latinas aspiring for anything can look up to.

It doesn’t stop there, Corriente Nation! Ms. Rodriguez’s path in the movie business seems to be smoothing out quite nicely, and can also be sought out in her upcoming projects YOGA HOSERS directed by Kevin Smith and HOME directed by Dennis Iliadis. However, adding to her resume of artistic services, Ms. Rodriguez has also landed a pretty sweet spot with L’Oréal as the first Latina spokesperson.

Impressive, ey…?

It seems like there’s an on-going path of vibrant projects for Ms. Rodriguez as she continues to venture out into the public-eye and mold it the way she sees fit. Time is precious, ladies and gentlemn and if there’s a person I know for sure isn’t wasting it and making the world a better place it’s Genesis Rodriguez!

Looking forward to more of her Genesisms in the near future, but until then… she’s one of Hollywood’s latest Latina charms to keep an eye on!


For an in-depth feel of who the woman is, take a listen at this unedited, roundtable press interview from March 9, 2015 for RUN ALL NIGHT. She breaks down her character, the project as a whole, and more on her mission as a Latina.

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