Q&A with Superstar Brazilian Surfer, Maya Gabeira – Rev Up Your Summer!

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"Q&A with Superstar Brazilian Surfer, Maya Gabeira – Rev Up Your Summer!"

Following are Gabeira’s tips for revving up your fitness routine this summer!

What does your fitness routine look like? How does it vary when you’re training vs. competing?

I need to train my body and mind to be ready at all times. When I am competing during the season, it’s all about surfing, I practice five hours a day. During the training months, I split my schedule between surfing and the fitness routines that I need to accomplish weekly. Aside from that, I also do yoga regularly.


What keeps you energized?  

A regular fitness schedule keeps me energized. Additionally, drinking Red Bull before an afternoon training session really gives me that extra pick-up.


What are some fitness tips that could help women with their routines this summer?

I would recommend that women choose a sport or exercise routine that they really enjoy. Also, exercising outdoors is a lot more enjoyable, especially during the summer, and it gives you the opportunity to vary your routine. Stick to it, and don’t give up. In order to make a real change, exercise needs to be done on a regular, continuous basis.


How do you keep challenging yourself in your career and what advice can you give to others?  

In order to challenge myself, I look for areas that I am most interested in, as well as areas of weakness. That helps keep me motivated and challenged. Never choose the easy way!


What do you enjoy doing during your downtime?

 I love watching movies and television during my downtime. I like to lay low, so watching a really good film or series is the best way to keep my mind active and my body rested.