She Don’t Care… and O Status explains why!

"She Don’t Care… and O Status explains why!"


CL: Who is O Status & how would you describe your style of music?

OS: I consider myself to be left-field when it comes to music. My style and approach are not your run-of-the-mill, as the saying goes. I don’t fall into a particular niche within Hip Hop or Rap music. Being influenced by many genres of music and film has pretty much made me this way. Aside from speaking on my life experiences, I also write, rap and sing about others around or close to me. I’m not a singer per se, but I like to think that I can hold a note or two. It all depends on the song, the subject, and how I feel about it when it comes time to record it. I like to call my music alternative hip hop or experimental hip hop. That’s because I like to fuse different genres and styles.

CL: Tell us about your new single.

OS: My first official single, “She Don’t Care”, came about by me walking into a studio session while my producer Cauze, from Coalishun Entertainment (Gotta do the shameless promo. Sorry!), was already cooking something up. Funny thing about my process with Cauze is that we go into a session planning to work on one thing and end up doing something totally different. So Cauze is going through some new sounds he just got and has started on a new beat. As soon as I heard it, it captured my attention. I started singing a hook in my head, then I wrote it down. Once I was confident with it, I sang it to Cauze. He was like “O.K., let’s do it.” I got in the booth and laid the hook down. Once we got it down I started to write my verse for it. If memory serves me correctly, I told Cauze that MaddMann, a fellow Coalishun artist, needed to get a verse on this song. At some point in between that, Cauze came up with a dope bilingual bridge. The bridge was laid down by Cauze himself, along with sexy songstress Rosie Love.

CL: So what is the story-line here?

OS: “She Don’t Care” is about an experience that I’m sure many have had, whether male or female. I know it’s happened to me on occasion! It’s basically flirting on the part of a female when she’s with her significant other, and you flirt back. The rest of the story is about the situation being taken to the next level. At this point, it’s infidelity.

CL: Where can we find your music?

OS: This is my first single off of the album “Joke’s On Me” a.k.a. “J.O.M.”… “She Don’t Care” is available for download and streaming now at most of your favorite digital music outlets, and as well. A video for the single will be out Spring 2016. “J.O.M.” will be out Summer 2016. Look out for performances at local venues in the Tri-State area in the coming months. Aside from my own project, I’m also working with other artists and trying to get my publishing company off the ground among other things. To sum it up, I look forward to showing the world my creativity when it comes to music and entertainment as a whole. Status out!

SheDontCare_ArtO Status (featuring MaddMann & Cauze) – “She Don’t Care”
written by O. Santana, R. Maddox, & I. Arevalo
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Cauze at Coalishun Entertainment, Yonkers, NY
Additional vocals by Rosie Love
©2016 Coalishun™ Entertainment

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