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“It doesn’t work without the actual performers.” – Director Chad Stahelski | JOHN WICK 3: NYC Press Conference

Keanu Reeves, Chad
L to R – Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry and director Chad Stahelski join members of the press to discuss JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM on Saturday, April 27 at The Four Seasons Downtown, NYC | Photo Credit: CorrienteLatina

When John Wick (starring Keanu Reeves) hit theaters in the fall of 2014, who knew a lowkey flick that follows an ex-hit-man coming out of retirement to track down gangsters who killed his dog would wind up becoming one of the best movie franchises in Hollywood history? I didn’t. And quite frankly, you’d be full of sh*t if you say, “I did.” No one really knew what to make of this piece prior to hitting theaters. Results…? Well, let’s just say the Wick flick took the world by storm. So much, calling it a ‘surprise hit’ would be an understatement. It was crazy entertainment gone full throttle with escapism beyond any kind of cinematic experience. Rough, rugged and raw… a huge part of what made it fun was/is watching the character of John Wick fight and kill his way out of dire situations in the most chaotic yet creative ways ever!

We embraced it. We drooled over it. We loved it. We wanted more… And we got it! In early 2017, Chapter 2 leaps onto the scene and the Wick flick raised the level of insanity within the mythos of John Wick’s world. Doubling down on everything we’re obsessed with, only this time the narrative led to a mind-boggling cliffhanger. Following its clever footsteps, it allowed the series to become even bigger. And when I say bigger, I mean deep within the dark crevasse of the High Table he once rendered services for. It was everything we wanted and more. Therefore, I conclude, can you imagine what it’s gotta be like tripling down on this?

Brace yourselves, because on May 17 the adrenaline-ridden series returns with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Taking off where Chapter 2 ended, our favorite super-assassin-hero John Wick is on an international run, and with a $14 million price tag on his head – he is now the target of assassins everywhere.

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM | © Lionsgate 2019

Having seen the film as part of a junket screening in late April, I can confirm third time IS a charm. A the film’s press conference (held in my hometown of NYC), I was granted a spot and lucky enough to get my question in. Directed towards Reeves and/or Chad Stahelski (director of the all three films), the purpose of my intrigue…? Well, it boils down to the series’ insane fight sequences. The concept of it. Who comes up with the ideas as they’ve progressively gotten crazier movie after movie? The soulful anarchy that makes this series tick-and-tock and everything else in between.

Jumping on the question, Chad opens by answering, “When we choregraph, it usually starts with the characters in the world we are trying to create.” Now keep in mind the world of John Wick is off-the-wall nuts. If the first and second blew you away, wait till you see the third, which has added more characters that make this world a lot more complex, darker and visceral. Chad continues by saying, “We come up with the look. We come up with the interesting places to actually stage it. It’s like a live show.” A show in which everyone has to know their mark. “Stage craft is how the choreography comes across,” adds Chad. Continues with followed closer by making clear that “it always comes down to the most base denominator, which is the cast, who are actually doing the choreography. It doesn’t work without the actual performers.”

Joining Keanu and Chad, newcomer to the series Hallie Berry also participated in the conference. And as someone who joins in on the action-packed roller coaster, she’s not too far from taking part in all the lunacy that turns up in Chapter 3! A lot more is discussed in what was a fantastic, spoiler-free press conference, which took place at The Four Seasons Downtown on Saturday, April 27th! Rawdio of the event can heard in its entirety by clicking below! Enjoy and brace yourselves for Jonathon’s return!


In Theaters May 17th!

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