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Latinos Out Loud: Exclusives and the Election with Julián Castro

On this week’s episode Rachel, Bago and Frank recap the most memorable moments from their recent trip to L.A., such as the LOL live podcast + a panel on how to start a podcast at Hispanicize, missing the Tecla Awards red carpet (AGAIN), and Frank’s animal-like snoring sounds. Plus, actress Julissa Calderon pops in as a special surprise guest co-host!

On “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime dishes on Gina Rodriguez’s recent Instagram apology and the “Joker Stairs” becoming a tourist attraction in the Bronx.

On this week’s “Frank-spiracy News”, Frank delves into “Project Serpo”.

The LOL crew interviews presidential candidate Julián Castro about the issues he would tackle as the President of the United States, trying to stand out in a crowded Democratic field, and how he felt when he saw Lin-Manuel Miranda playing him on SNL.

On this week’s Que Lo Quickie, Juan Bago caught up with John Leguizamo in L.A. about representation and Latinos in Hollywood.