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Latinos Out Loud in the USA with Maria Hinojosa

On Episode 31 and the season three finale, the crew hosts a live studio audience and talks about Jaime getting sick and maybe passing it on to Rachel at the recent Room 28 block party performance, Bago at the beach, Frank running into Curly V. and ending up in his latest Pero Like video, Rachel’s Dominican Film Festival panel at MTV, and Bago cheating on his barber.

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime sinks his teeth into Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s engagement, the Hot Water Challenge, and Alex Trebek potentially retiring from hosting Jeopardy.

In “Frankspiracy News”, Frank explains to us what marketers really mean when they say or use the word “IT.”

The crew interviews Emmy Award winner, Maria Hinojosa, about her illustrious career in journalism and how she tells the untold stories that bring light to the unsung heroes in America and abroad. We also dive into her experience anchoring the long-running NPR show “Latino USA”, her thoughts about the political climate today and its effect on the Latinx community. She even tells us the story of how she met and fell in love with her Dominican husband!

This week’s Que lo Que Quickie guest is M.P. Arias who hosts a yearly event in New York City called “Scarlet: A Celebration of Female Expression” which is a showcase that focuses on feminism and women supporting women.










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