New Year, LOUDER Us! with Zoila Darton

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"New Year, LOUDER Us! with Zoila Darton"

On the inaugural episode of Latinos Out Loud on the ReVolver Podcast Network, the LOL crew kicks off 2018 with unique New Year’s resolutions and recaps their holidays. Rachel discusses the “Adult Cove” on the Disney Cruise ship, Mike shares how to “pace” in Sedona, Jaime weathers the cold in NY, and Frank binges on pernil and will now go vegan.  

Bago unveils another original intro song for the Bochinche Bites segment, where Jaime covers the “Blacklash” at this year’s upcoming Golden Globes and summarizes what was a HUGE year for Latinos in entertainment.  

Frank reports fake news about a new Japanese technology that can record and reconstruct dreams, while the crew discusses what repercussions that may have on relationships. 

This week’s special guest is Dot Connector/ Co-Founder of The W.O.R.D. Agency (We Open Real Doors) of Los Angeles, Zoila Darton, who’s recent accomplishments include a visually stimulating exhibition of Tony Peralta’s “Rolos & Icons II” on the West Coast, as well as the design of “The Creator Shirt”—a female empowerment piece designed to raise money for Planned Parenthood. For more info, go to

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