Out of the Box with Hommy Diaz

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"Out of the Box with Hommy Diaz"

On the sixth episode of season five, the group recaps Room 28 Comedy’s recent trip to L.A., Rachel’s first experience at a dispensary, and Juan Bago “bugging” out on Saturday Night Live. 

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime dishes on the Jusse Smollett situation and how bodega owners want to start selling weed in New York City.

On this week’s “Frankspiracy News”, Frank embraces his inner Neo and takes us inside a controversial Matrix conspiracy.

The crew interviews shoe designer Hommy Diaz about getting his start in the fashion world, the role models and mentors that helped him along the way, his “Five C’s of Success” as a designer, and the unveiling of his new signature shoe inspired by the Dominican dish, “Tres Golpes.”

The Que Lo Que Quickie is with Jessica Hernandez, the founder of Red’s Cakestronomy, who talks about her start as a baking entrepreneur, the inspiration for some of her pastry creations, and she even lets the crew sample some of her delicious delicacies live on the show.








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