Pull Over with Jason Ortiz

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"Pull Over with Jason Ortiz"

On the thirteenth episode of season four, Rachel announces her return to alcohol, the group recaps their Sunday brunch meet up, and everyone shares their most memorable “getting pulled over by the police” stories.

On “Bochinche Bites” Jaime dishes on a rodent outbreak at a popular salad chain in NYC, a 7 year old who makes $22 million a year on YouTube, and a Huffington Post reporter who finds Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer offensive.

The crew interviews director and founder of Slapnuts Comedy, Jason Ortiz, about directing sketch comedy, his comedic influences growing up, and the evolution of his sketch troupe.

Our “Que Lo Que Quickie” guest is with Mr. NuevaYOL who talks to us about his rapid rise to Instagram comedy stardom.








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