Rear Naked Choke with Latinos Who Lunch

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"Rear Naked Choke with Latinos Who Lunch"

On episode five of the fourth season of Latinos Out Loud, Rachel and Juan Bago discuss judging sketch comedy at the People’s Improv Theatre for its “Bragging Rights” competition, Frank tells us about the lack of WiFi during his trip to the Dominican Republic, and special guest host, Gabe Gonzalez fills in for Jaime and reminisces on guest hosting on LOL’s very first season!

On “Bochinche Bites”, Bago steps in and tells us about drunk birds in Minnesota, the brawl the ensued after the McGregor and Khabib match and the creative way Bansky shredded his own artwork. 

Fresh off the plane from DR, “Frank-spiracy News” coves how the United States artificially shakes the Earth. 

The crew interviews Favy Fav and Babelito of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast and discusses the strides LatinX podcasters have made, their interesting art careers, travels and more. 

Hosted by Rachel, the crew plays the “His Panic Trivia Challenge” in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, where Favy Fav and Babelito went up against Gabe and Bago on behalf of two members of our live studio audience, to see who knows more about being Latino!

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